As Human Beings in our modern way of life, we tend to focus and put great emphasis upon our Physical Reality and Experience. It is natural for our attention to be upon that which we can see, hear, feel, smell and taste, as we are in a physically dense body of material; navigating a physically dense material world around us. Yet, there is more to our being than only that which is tangible. The Physical Reality is one level, one dimension, of our Whole Being.

Physical Sciences have shown us that even the emotions we feel are “physical” chemical substances, because we have observed the way the energy of emotions affects and impacts the physical organism in this tangible way. However, in our everyday awareness, we are not using our 5 primary senses to experience the energy of emotions, and they are intangible to us. There are physical responses to emotions of differing degrees, depending on our level of reactivity, which we can experience through the sensations of our body. These impulses are catalyzing forces and navigation tools which help with negotiating situations, environments, and experiences; both external and internal. Emotions are energetic phenomenon, which serve us by causing us to respond to particular stimuli, illiciting some kind of change. When we begin to tell stories about the What, Why and How of Emotions according to our experience, they are captured and held in the physical system, rather than easily released. Emotions are energy made to MOVE us, and if we don’t allow that movement or react based on past trauma imprints, they become stuck and stagnant, which our physical body must then detoxify or store. Suppressed Emotions we have been unable to express or resolve, can cause discomfort and pain in the body, and are seen as a root cause to illness and disease, according to many traditions.

How we interpret the sensations of Energy moving through our physical body, is primarily through our Mental Reality/Experience. Although our Brain Tissue is conducting impulses as the main operating center for our Electrical System, “thought” is highly intangible to us through our Typical 5 Senses. The stories that we tell about our experiences, and the framework that is generated by this “picture” that we create, determines a great deal of how we react or respond to our experiences, others, and the greater world. The ‘Mind’, is still a mysterious thing even to our advanced technological systems of study. Ancient systems from the East and the West, offer teachings about the nature of “Mind'”and “Reality”, as well as practices on gaining control of one’s mind for greatest health, well-being and peace. There is a saying that one should learn to control the ‘Mind’, or the Mind will be what controls us. We create consciously or unconsciously, according to our level of Awareness. The incessant thoughts towards attachments or aversions to different experiences or sensations, is what is known as the “Infinite Ocean of Samsara”; Samsara being continuous cycles of birth and death generated by Karma, through these attachments/aversions. This description offers insight into the total impact of our beliefs on not only how today goes, but our whole life; potentially acting far into the lives of others, and impacting many lifetimes.

Whether we have a spiritual belief or a religious faith that we connect with or not, we have an additional intangible reality/experience of the Unknown, ‘Great Mystery’ of ALL THAT IS. The mysterious essence of the Life Force which moves through all things sentient and non-sentient, and our ability to relate *with* this Essence, in ourselves, our lives, and ALL; constitutes our Spiritual Reality/Experience. Within our being is an invisible force which moves and motivates us to continue the Life which is Ever Living. Our capacity to connect with this Greater Force of Life, is what generates a deeper meaning and deeper connection to our experiences, our lives, life as a whole, and to the Whole of Existence. When we find this connection missing or wounded in our lives, we have a sense of incompleteness, being “lost”, and disconnected from our greater purpose.

We are Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual, Beings. We occupy all of these aspects, or dimensions of our being, simultaneously; in every moment. While we operate in all of these ‘Realities’ simultaneously, we may not be Aware of them. We may only be aware, or conscious of, only one or two realities in our waking lives.  What we give our greatest amount of focus, attention and energy to, is what we create of our life’s work, and what we experience. When our awareness is heavily focused upon only one level of our Reality/Existence and what is happening Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, or Spiritually, we neglect the other aspects of who we are; which can cause imbalance and suffering.

We at Wellspring are holding a loving intention to cultivate wholeness & wellbeing for each and every one of us. We know we are more than our bodies, minds, and emotions; we are each one aspect or reflection of an infinite force of life, expressing itself as a Human for a little while. Each of these dimensions of our being need attention, nourishment & cultivation, for our Whole being to Thrive. When all aspects of our being are tended to equally, nourished by and with our awareness; we are cultivating Wholeness in ourselves.
Our multi-dimensional experience of life becomes richer, more vibrant and sustainable.

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Modalities address the physical stress, tension, & wear and tear of everyday life on our bodies.
When we are relaxed, rested and tendered in our physical reality, we are better able to navigate daily life and deal with stress in our bodies and minds. Detox Therapies  assist in removing the buildup of toxins and waste from our organs and tissues for greatest health & stamina. Mind~Body~Breath~Awareness practices and techniques like Yoga, Movement and Meditation, support a well-utilized body and naturally establish a balanced interconnection with all dimensions of our existence. The body folllows the mind, and the mind folllows the breath. Breath is life.

Subtle Energetics Therapies
work to stimulate and support the subtle energetic systems of our nerves, emotions, mind (subtle body); thus nurturing our Spirit Essence to manifest fully. Life Force Energy is infused into your being through Reiki & Therapeutic Touch methods.
Dis-harmonies in the system from suppressed emotions and unresolved traumas, are addressed by Flower Essence Remedies, which stimulate the nervous system to quiet, restore, harmonize and balance. Crystals support the organizing principles of our makeup, energetic and physical, and are used in conjunction with other therapies for establishing balance and harmony in our whole system, anchoring these principles into our field.

Sometimes we can’t see what is happening clearly or get clouded, lost and confused in our lives. We need to be able to connect with another who can reflect to us purely what we are projecting and thus, creating. In order to self-correct, one must be able to self-reflect, and this can be learned, guided and supported with the help of others who have traveled this path before you. Sacred Journeywork methods invite the adventure of our life experiences to be seen through the lens of wholeness, and give us the tools to inner*stand fully, the value of each challenge as a gift inviting us to grow. Getting in touch with our Higher Wisdom and learning to use it as our own personal navigator, helps us to walk our path with wisdom and grace. Peer-to-Peer Counsel, Personal & Professional Coaching, and Divination Practices are offered to support your awakening and empowerment towards finding, establishing and sustaining wellbeing and wholeness, in all dimensions of your being. Reach out***

Simply remembering that all these dimensions of our experience exists as equal parts of our experience, and bringing greater attention to nurturing each aspect of our Self; will create greater wholeness in us through greater awareness. Wellbeing is a state that must be facilitated, tended to, and nurtured by us, for it to be sustainable. At the essence of each of us we ALL seek for greater Joy. When we learn to tend to our wellbeing, even though there may be challenges; we discover the greater joy of living and growing. Let us start right now <3

In Wholeness & Wellbeing *