Our Practitioners

Erin became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2004, and has always been a natural bodyworker, using her hands and intuition, to help others since she was a young child, first working with Family and Friends.

She is also on her own personal journey of healing, and strives towards well-being within herself in her own practice. She gratefully shares with you what has worked for her, and what she has seen work for others. Each individual she shares with, enhances awareness, and improves her skills. Erin is constantly learning. Bodywork is her Passion, Joy, Art, and Service to the World.

Erin has experience working in Spa settings, On-Site at events, in-home, as well as out-call. In addition to the variety of modalities she is certified in from Healing Mountain Massage School, she has extended certification in Thai Massage, and the Milne Method of CranioSacral Therapy.  She studied Chavutti Thirumal in August of 2014 with Helen Noakes, and is one of the first of her USA students. There are a dozen or so current practitioners of the the Foot Warriors Chavutti Thirumal modality, in the United States, and growing, with Helen teaching her CEU Training in the US, once each year* She completed Yoga Teacher training with Sage Hills Healing Center (200 hr) in 2013, and has enjoyed teaching both in her own home studio, as well as in other local studios. Most recently Erin has been studying Flower Essence Therapy, becoming a Practitioner, in 2018.

She is a Lover of Life who enjoys Sunshine, Nature, working with Herbs & eating wholesome food, music, dancing, yoga, festivals, flow-arts, friends, beauty, shamanism and Earth-based practices and teachings; and learning. She looks forward to a future of travel and continued training, and seeks to constantly learn, hone in and improve her knowledge, skills, and experience; and sharing more of herself with this beautiful Earth.
She is partnered with her best friend & partner, Patrick, who together, are raising three Wild & Wonderful Children. Life’s an Adventure! <3

* In*Joy *