Flower Essence Therapy

Flowers express to us Nature’s Intricate and Infinite Geometric Patterns

Through their shapes and structures, they express the Bio-Electric Frequency of the plant’s expression, and have therapeutic qualities for us to access, for our healing and wellbeing. Just like we say that a person or place has a “spirit” or “essence”, all living organisms of our Planet have this spirit and essence. When we take these Energetic Essences into ourselves, our body, mind and spirit come into sacred relationship and union, with these spirit essences; assisting our being to harmonize its own energetic field through resonance.

Our being is a creation made up of energetic imprints, inherited through our genetics, and also created and established through our life experiences. We are sensitive bio-electric organisms with a measurable signature. Flower Essences are Vibrational Medicine, which work with our energetic system to clear, organize and balance our own bio-electric system; facilitating our greatest expression to shine through. It is a subtle, and yet very powerful therapy!

Essences, which can also be referred to as elixirs, were made popular as a therapy by Dr. Bach, a British Physician, in the early 1900’s, and have been utilized for ceremonial purposes for centuries by many cultures around the world. Rather than being extracts of the compounds of a plant or mineral, such as in tinctures, or distillates, like essential oils; Essences are derived by infusing the Living Energetic Essence of the flower, plant, tree, or mineral, into Living Water. This water infusion is then stabilized with an alcohol or vinegar to capture it and keep it safe for many years, and even a lifetime.

Essences are used to address the root, and underlying causes of imbalances. They help to shift deep-seated beliefs and patterns, and are used to work with and address Mental-Emotional Issues like Anxiety and Depression, Grief, and Trauma, to name a few. Physical Issues can also be addressed, as these sub-conscious or un-conscious imprints and patterns are at the root of these issues; the underlying causes often overlooked or ignored by modern western allopathic medicine models. They support us to let go, as well as open up; where we allow ourselves to fully receive the beauty, joy, pleasure and love of life; which is our birthright.

Whatever may be out of alignment, Essences support us in coming into our highest alignment with creation. The subtle frequencies of Nature have everything we need to be in our greatest expression, we simply have to open up to these frequencies, and give the space for this expression to unfold and blossom!

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