Freeflow Bodyworks

We consider Ourselves as Advocates and Facilitators. Healing Arts is our personal path, and we are following it in devoted service to Humanity and to all life. It is our intention to share skills, techniques, practices, & products that we and others have enjoyed & benefited from; as well as serve with loving attention and care.

Touch is one of our primary senses, informing us about our world, and our place in it. Healthy Touch is an Essential Nutrient, one in which we feel many are deficient in. Our bodies are our vessels for experiencing life, and it’s condition both affects, and reflects, our state of well-being. Having a body that is injured, ill, stressed, inflexible or in pain, affects the Quality of our Life! Our mental states, attitudes, emotional and spiritual health or imbalance, can also negatively or positively affect our bodies. We see our state of ‘health’, as simply a state of being IN balance, as opposed to being OUT of balance. Not some state of absolute biological perfection. This is different for each person, as well as varies with time of year, age, and physical stages.

Bodywork is a broad term that includes any kind of physical and/or energetic Methods that practitioners, or ‘Bodyworkers’ use to help people to Free their Flow of Life Energy, for healing and well-being. We consider it a kind of communication method, a sort of body “talk”, where using our sense of touch, through hands and/or feet and other senses, we communicate with the body and energy field of another; allowing us to pick up on what seems out of balance, and what may need to release. Some of this is Technical Clinical Methodology, but is a very Intuitive process, as well.

There are Manual ‘manipulative’ therapies, which treat the Physical body, or soft tissues, like the various modalities of Therapeutic Massage. And then there are Subtle Energetic Methods, which are both ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-off’, with the intended effect being balancing to the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Aspects of our Being. This could include the use of objects like Crystals, Smudge Smoke, Vibrational objects like Tibetan Singing Bowls, use of Essential Oils, the adminstration of Flower Essences, etc; or simply applying visualization, meditation, and/or breathing techniques. We walk with you through your life experiences as you awaken, heal, and become the Master of Your Own Life, through Journeywork and other IN*Lightened Therapies.

All Eastern Healing Methods see Energy and it’s condition of either Stagnancy, or Flow, in the Organism and/or Environment; as the Basis for our Physical Health, Stamina and Overall Well-Being.

We Seek to Find Balance. Balance is the key to Well-Being*



I received a Chavutti Massage from Erin, and it was one of the best massages I have ever encountered. I far prefer this style of massage than anything else! I had immediate results, and felt great. It wasn’t just on a physical level though. It brought an emotional release as well, on a level that I did not expect. I felt less stressed and free. I felt as if I could fly!”

     – Chelle


We are located at 1224 S River Rd. Suite A107, in St George, UT 84790