“Well~Being is a Well-Spring,
that bubbles up and overflows..”

-Thich Nhat Hahn, Mindfulness Buddhism Teacher

At Wellspring, we invite you to join us in exploring what it means to Be Well, as a Whole Human Being, living this life on our beautiful planet Earth Mother. We strive to create and In*Body, Balance and Wholeness ~  Body, Mind & Spirit.

As a Collective of Healing Artisans and Practitioners, we offer ourselves as Guides & Facilitators, to you, on your journey of Well*Being. Let’s do this, together.

Bodywork Therapies assist in re-balancing the body-mind communication systems & balancing tension levels in the tissues and structure for better physiological function, which in turn nourishes all aspects of our being. Healthy, Loving, and Intentional Touch is also as essential as food, water and air, in our opinion. Bodywork includes all manual soft-tissue manipulation methods, ranging from Integrative Table Massage to Floor Massage Methods like Thai Massage; and from Foot Massage Methods like Chavutti Thirumal, to more subtle and gentle, structural methods like CranioSacral Touch Therapy.

Detoxification Therapies include widely known and commonly practiced Spa Treatments like salt/sugar scrubs & herbal wraps, which are very simple and practical therapies for assisting the body in detoxification; and improving the physiological ability of the body to regulate systems of detoxification overall.

Truly Natural & Organic Facials, Skin, Scalp & Hair Care are offered to truly restore and nourish skin, scalp & hair condition; without any questionable, toxic or unhealthy ingredients.

Flower Essence Therapy is a Healing Modality that uses the Elemental Essences of Nature to support individuals in finding, establishing, and supporting a well-functioning, high-vibration energetic system. Flower Essences are Vibrational Medicine which are non-toxic and have no risk of harmful side effects. They act on the most subtle levels of our being. Suppressed Emotions, Stress and Traumas, are brought out into the light, and the nervous system is supported to heal. Wellbeing is enhanced as the Nervous System repairs and becomes realigned with our true nature, by Nature. Harmonize, Resonate and Activate ***

In*Lightened Therapies
These therapies and techniques approach the more subtle vibrations and states of our being to stimulate, balance, release, and harmonize the energetic systems of the whole being. In Indigenous Shamanic Healing Wisdom, all physical illness or dis-ease is seen as a result and symptom of an imbalance in the Spirit. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees it as an Energy Field and system, and many other traditional healing philosophies, agree. Subtle Energetic Therapies includes all subtle energetic healing techniques which can be applied hands-on or hands-off, in person, or at a distance; including:
Reiki ~ Universal Life Force Energy, Chakra Balancing through Crystals & Essential Oils, and Harmonizing Vibrations.

Sacred Journey Work are processes that we facilitate and guide you through, to discover, heal, & Become Whole; on your ever-unfolding, personal journey towards Wellbeing. I say “Journey Work”, as our life is a journey and a process, and to know how to glean the meaning, wisdom and gifts, from ALL of our life experiences along the way; is what we feel is The Truth of Our Life Purpose. These techniques are carried out in sessions as Modern Day Personal Healing Rituals. We facilitate sessions with Individuals and Couples, in clearing limiting beliefs & patterns that hold us back, fostering forgiveness. Explore Life Purpose, and map out any problem through the use of the Ancient Tool of the Wheel, through Sacred Wheel Journeywork Sessions.

Personal Coaching, Peer Counseling, and Professional/Personal Mentorship are offered to individuals seeking greater Clarity, creating New Pathways and Outlooks in Life, and in Developing Skills for Greater Well-Being.

Tarot Readings and Divination Cards are offered to assist those seeking guidance from their Higher Selves.


Wellspring Collection is our conscious collection of high-quality hand-crafted tools, personal products, traditional plant medicines, jewelry & gifts, that elevate life beyond the ordinary level of existence. Helping us help ourselves to Activate, Rise, Enjoy, and make Ritual out of Our Everyday, in Every Way.
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